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Juggling like a juggler ^_^

It's been a time of flux over this new year just gone, and there's a good reason I've not been able to update this workblog for a while: I've just not been able to talk about anything I'm working on 0_O Always a little frusrating, but it's nice to take the time to beaver away quietly.
So -what CAN I say? well, BREAKS is still weaving its way. We're half way through arc two online now (tapas edition linked here) and still going strong!
I got to take part in the amazing Xmas special for The Wicked + The Divine, drawing two stories, both coloured by the amazing Matt Wilson. *swoon*
Beyond that, I've done some cover work (like this Ghostbusters one for IDW, coloured by Luis Antonio Delgado), and then been mostly a comics ninja; lying in wait XD
I hate not being able to share work, but I'm juggling three jobs right now, on top of BREAKS, with more on the way and there's just never enough time in comics, eh? Hopefully I'll have a more useful update soon!