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Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #3 

Hey all! It's Monday, and that means another visit to Spiratu's domain and another chapter of Dragon Heir, yay! I was overwhelmed by the reponse on the comic's launch last week...I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it unfolds. ^_^

Click the banner to be taken to page 1 of chapter 3.

Please do head back here using the link at the end of the chapter to offer your thoughts!


Comments: Dragon Heir - chapters #1 & #2

Each week I'll be adding a 5-page chapter of my fantasy series, Dragon Heir (published by Sweatdrop Studios), and I'll be providing a blog post for each chapter where comments can be left and I will eat them up and they will be yummy and much appreciated! ^__^
What makes this project interesting is that Dragon Heir, being my oldest comic project, was starting to show its age; especially in the early issues. So what you'll be reading here is actually Dragon Heir:Reborn. The story that was told in the first five issues of the comic is being redrawn and in some places entirely rewritten, so even the Dragon Heir veterans amongst you should find interest here.

Without further ado, click the banner or the link on the top bar to be taken to the beginning of the story, and please do head back here to comment on the chapters. I'll be waiting! ^_^

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