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Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #22

Hello, Dragon Heir readers! Just 2 more weeks of Reborn left to go and then we'll be rolling straight into issue #6 of the original series. You'll get a bumper chapter the week after next to finish up with Reborn's run. I can't believe we made it here so fast! ^_^
Over at the Sweatdrop forums, I've been running a poll to decide which of the four heirs is floating the most people's boats - just something small to inspire some extra material for the compiled GN later this year...and I've been bowled over by the witty, hilarious and inspired posts being made by the community! I can't wait to share them with the world, but - if you can't wait - do head over and marvel at their ingenuity. For the record - Furose is winning!

Take care, all ^_^


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #21

The Spiratu train rolls on...soon we'll actually hit the end of Dragon Heir:Reborn and will head back into the original issue 6, as it was first printed a few years ago - I can't believe how fast 5 issues have flown by! I hope you've been enjoying the journey. ^_^ I'll be continuing to run the webcomic version of the later issues in their original form, but am already turning my thoughts to printing the new collected volume #1, so do keep an eye out and let me know if you'll be interested in it. For now, as always, click the banner to read the chapter.

Outside of Dragon Heir: I've started work on my Oni Press project and can't wait to tell you all more about it. I'm working on content for issue 2 of Bella Nolita, the fab vampire-themed gothic French Magazine. I have a new contract on the way that I seriously can't wait to talk about, and I am of course giddy with excitement about seeing Marvel Girl Comics #3 when it hits the stands. I'm looking forward to reading #1, which will be out very soon!

This is going to be a busy year, methinks. How are you doing? ^_^


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #20

Dragon Heir: Reborn continues! Chapter #20 is here for your enjoyment. I hope you like it! ^_^



Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #19

Here we go, chaps. And I have some news for you! I have just ONE page left to complete of Dragon Heir: Reborn (ie the remake of the first five issues) and then I'll be done! I always said I'd leave issues 6 and onwards as they were...sure, I could make improvements, but it runs the risk of becoming an endless cycle of reworking, and so I need to draw a line somewhere *gulp*.

What this means is that I will be looking to publish issues 1-9 in an all-new collected volume of Dragon Heir soon! I sincerely hope you'll be interested in reading this story as it was intended to be read: in the printed form.

For now though - chapter 19 - enjoy and let me know your thoughts! ^_^


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #18

I'm so sorry for posting this up late, guys! I'm actually on a holiday this week and it totally slipped my poor old mind! Anyways, here we go: Chapter 18 for you!  ^_^


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapters #16 + 17/SD turns eight!

This week marks an important turning point in the story, so I've allowed a bumper, double issue - since splitting this would be too hard. So, ten whole pages of Dragon Heir for you today! I hope you enjoy and head back to here to let me know your thoughts. ^_^

In other news, Sweatdrop Studios turns eight years old this month! It's been an incredible journey and we couldn't have made it without our fantastic readers, supporters and forumners. As a thank you, we've launched a Sweatdrop Tombola to run throughout February. Click the banner for more info!


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #15

Things are not looking good for our Spirit Binder. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Things are crumbling before our eyes...looks like this prophecy is in for some choppy waters, but you knew that, right? ;)

Do let me know your thoughts and feedback by posting comments in this entry. I get lonely!


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #14

Ah, the joy of being able to update from my own computer using my fully functional internet connection ^_~
Thanks for your patience the last few weeks, guys. Your reward is something of a turning point in the story - enjoy chapter 14 and head back here to let me know your thoughts!