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Dragon Heir - chapter #39

Late again! Eeep. I've had a lovely couple of days showing the wonderful Amy Hadley (Fool's Gold, Madame Xanadu) around Cambridge...so much so that I'm late with this update! I'm so sorry *bow*

But it's here now! Complete with a very cut down first page - which is part of a larger double-page spread that you guys will get to experience for real in the printed version. This was the best way I had of showing it for the web version, but hopefully you get the idea!


Dragon Heir - chapter 38

Quickly dashing in to update the ol' Dragon Heir machine!


Dragon Heir - chapter #37 & Nemacon

I'm back from Middlesbrough and the first ever Nemacon. A big hello to everyone I spoke to over the weekend - what a great bunch. As a first con, Nemacon has some creases to iron, but I see the potential for a rather nice staple of the UK anime con circuit. Nice venue, nice people. ^_^

And now - Dragon Heir - where we last saw Kalm flying through the air at quite a pace! 0_O


Dragon Heir - chapter #36

Apologies for the double-page spread weirdness in this chapter. Another pointer that Dragon Heir will read much nicer as a book when it's printed later this year ^_^

Enjoy the chapter, guys! And, in case any of you are here, a HUGE thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday via facebook, twitter, sweatdrop or anywhere else. You're all awesome!


Dragon Heir - Chapter 35

A little late today, but you'll have to forgive me as I flew in from Ireland last night and am a wee bit frazzled ^_~ thanks to everyone I met at 2D in Londonderry - I had a blast and you were all so welcoming!


Dragon Heir - chapter #34

Sorry for the late posting of this week's chapter, guys - hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday Monday!
Protus, on the other hand, is not enjoying his....
So, Eagle-nominated Dragon Heir continues - I hope you're enjoying it!


Bristol and Dragon Heir and Eagles, oh my!

Woo - this weekend was the Bristol Comic Expo. I was going along without a table, more to relax and enjoy the show - and enjoy it I did! I had a great time with great friends and some new faces too. I can't begin to list everyone I spoke to, but you know who you are and you're all fab! *hug* Missed some of my regular buds who weren't in attendence, but I got to talk to some creators I've always meant to, so it balanced out. ^_^

When I got back I found out that the Eagle Award nominations are up for this year, and Dragon Heir has been nominated for Favourite British Black and White comic book!!!!! ZOMG! There are some great creators nominated and I'm chuffed to be up there with them. If you're a Dragon Heir reader who wants to help it become an award winner, the link for voting is here! Click and get involved with choosing your comic heroes, whether Dragon Heir or otherwise. I'm thrilled; thank you to those who nominated Dragon Heir to get it to this stage!
And talking of Dragon Heir - I suppose we should throw up episode 33, eh? :)


Dragon Heir - Chapter 32

Ciao a tutti! I'm uploading this chapter from my Mother's laptop in Italy! (thank you dropbox!).

So begins issue 8, originally printed in 2009. This issue was the first thing I did after finishing my work on Much Ado About Nothing, so it benefits from what I learned during that project. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^