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Juggling like a juggler ^_^

It's been a time of flux over this new year just gone, and there's a good reason I've not been able to update this workblog for a while: I've just not been able to talk about anything I'm working on 0_O Always a little frusrating, but it's nice to take the time to beaver away quietly.
So -what CAN I say? well, BREAKS is still weaving its way. We're half way through arc two online now (tapas edition linked here) and still going strong!
I got to take part in the amazing Xmas special for The Wicked + The Divine, drawing two stories, both coloured by the amazing Matt Wilson. *swoon*
Beyond that, I've done some cover work (like this Ghostbusters one for IDW, coloured by Luis Antonio Delgado), and then been mostly a comics ninja; lying in wait XD
I hate not being able to share work, but I'm juggling three jobs right now, on top of BREAKS, with more on the way and there's just never enough time in comics, eh? Hopefully I'll have a more useful update soon!


Much Ado About Nothing is a month away!

How did THAT happen? I'm spying order pages appearing on various websites, so the wheels are turning....and I guess now's a good time to officially unveil the cover, since it's already on most of the sites, haha! *drum roll* So - that's the one to look out for! Not the blue-ish one that somehow found its way onto a few retail sites, ehehe. It seems Much Ado is already listed on the Abrams site (our US publisher), so those of you in the US - yes! There will be an American release. weee ^_^ The same goes for the spiffy looking King Lear, illustrated by the mighty Illya. Those of you in the UK keen to get hold of a copy of Much Ado before its official release, head along to They Walk Among Us on May 2nd for a day of fun, comicky frolics in the name of Free Comic Book Day, where I'll be signing along with other artists...and we'll have just 30 pre-release copies of the book, courtesy of SelfMadeHero. How exciting! I think it's going to be a fab day, so do come join us. I'll also be at Bristol a week after that on the 9th and 10th of May, so if you miss out on the pre-release fun, head along to Bristol. Hell, even if you don't miss out on the pre-release fun, head along anyways - should be fun!

Much Ado is moving along...

A few more pages have just been added to the Selfmadehero workblog/Ning, so I can share them here as well. I'm at that half way stage on pencils now - which is always the hardest part. To think that you're only half way after 100 pages of work is a little bit of a downer, BUT - from here on in it's all downhill ^_^