I'm a UK-based comic artist and writer. This is my corner of the web and you are very welcome. Please take a look around, pull up a beanbag, have a cuppa ^_^
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So...work goes on. It's getting tricky to say anything more than that these days, haha. But I can show you a wind down image I did last night around midnight. One of a series of them I've been trying to do recently before bed. They all end up being Vampire Academy related, so that proves how much I'm enjoying working on the book, hehe. The idea is to create something fun and simple just to wind down after working on spreads. I rather liked this one ;)
In other news, FPI gave Telling Tales - the latest Sweatdrop anthology - a lovely review. Telling Tales is just one of the Sweatdrop titles now available to order through Diamond; including my Dragon Heir: Reborn and Sonia Leong's Once Upon a Time amongst others.



Sweatdrop's Telling Tales - now available online!

Wow - you wonderful, lovely people - it seems that our new Sweatdrop anthology, Telling Tales SOLD OUT at the MCM Expo! This makes us phenomenally happy, thank you so much if you picked up a copy! =^_^=
If you missed out at the show, the book is now available to buy online. Just click the banner to be whisked to our shop.