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New York State of Mind...

I’m getting out the party pic again because I’m coming to New York Comic Con! ^__^

Can’t wait to get over there again, meet new faces and catch up with less-new ones; not to mention finally putting a face to a few internet pals I’ve been speaking to for a while online. So, if you’re heading to the convention, I hope to see you there!

I’ll be spending some time at the Oni press booth for the Avalon Chronicles and the Penguin booth for Vampire Academy, more details when I have them.

Massive squidgy thanks to the amazing Jimmy Aquino and Ben Templesmith for offering to house me for my trip. You guys are amazing and I owe you many beers. xx

So, so, who’s coming? PARTAY! ^__^


New York, new York!

In a short amount of time, I'll be making my first ever trip to America. And where better to take my first visit than New York Comic Con? I'm looking forward to seeing some friendly faces, and meeting some new ones. It'll be mad, but awesome I hope! Aaaaand, I managed to achieve one of my goals by finishing Much Ado before leaping on the plane, so it means I should be fairly relaxed and deadline-free for NY, woot. Talking of Much Ado, have a sneaky peak of the front cover! That's all from me for now. ^_^