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Events over the next few weeks.

Wow, suddenly con-season begins again! So, where can you find me over the next few weeks?

22nd/23rd May - Bristol Comic Expo - Always good fun and great company. You should be able to find me hanging around the bar (drinking tea!) or at the SelfMadeHero stand. On the Sunday I'll be hosting a podcast panel at the Mercure, which should be a laugh, so come and check that out! ^_^

29th/30th May - London MCM Expo - Always an exhausting event for me as I also manage the ComicVillage there. As always, the area is 'by comickers for comickers' and is all about promoting mixing and mingling between all styles and all levels. This one is no exception and will be immense fun. I'll be running around like a mad person, but you should catch me at the Sweatdrop area (promoting a new something!), the SelfMadeHero stand or at the ComicVillage info desk.

5th/6th June - 2D Watch out, Ireland, I'm coming your way! I'll be attending the Derry 2D comic festival as a guest, so feel free to come bug me for sketches or a chat ^_^

That'll do for now, I think. I hope to see some of you at these shows. Don't be a stranger ^_^