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Already July!

So, a quick update from me! Those of you following my facebook or twitter accounts will know that I recently completed inks on Vampire Academy:Shadow Kiss. It's always a mixed feeling finishing up on a big book, and I got to draw so many amazing scenes in this one!
Now all I can do is wait to see how colours come in from Caravan Studio - which is always exciting. I really hope Penguin random House will be able to share the cover soon, as it's looking lovely^_^
So, Shadow Kiss done, I'll be diving back into pencils for Alex Rider: Scorpia. I think you're going to like this book, gang. I've also been working on an Avalon Chronicles-themed article that will open up a pretty cool competition. Why Avalon? Well,  Avalon #2 is out now! Just released last week :)
You'll meet this guy and a few more new characters in the second volume ^_^
In convention news, next up is the epic Edinburgh International Book Festival; featuring their first ever StrippedFest - focused on comics and graphic storytelling. I was pretty overwhelmed to hear that my own workshop actually sold out on the first day tickets went on sale (Thank you, people who booked!), but you'll find loads more comics-related goodness on offer, so get booking and I'll see you there!


Hi honey, I'm home!

So - I'm back in blighty and trying to get used to working again, haha! I had a lovely couple of weeks, but now it's all engines go as I'm heading up to Edinburgh Book festival for the first time next week, and of course next week also sees the release of the first Vampire Academy graphic novel! *dance*
Leigh Dragoon has adapated Richelle Mead's novel into the graphic novel format, I pencilled and inked it, and the colours are provided by Caravan Studios, so it's a real team book!

Follow Rose's shocked face to see where you can order a copy via amazon (this is the co.uk link but it's on .com as well), but the book should be available in all good book and comic shops too:
Who here is expecting a copy? I hear that the pre-orders have dispatched, woohoo! It's a nerve wracking but exciting time for me ^_^

If you want to come talk about the book in person, you can come find me at the Edinburgh Festival next week where I'll be doing two talks. One on Wednesday at 6:30pm in the RBS Story Box, where I'll be doing a presentation on  Vampire Academy. And then I join Dr Mel Gibson on the thursday when we'll be talking about comics and education, featuring some of my Manga Shakespeare work. That's at 5pm in the RBS Corner Theatre

And If you're based further south in the UK, you can come and see me next weekend as I'll be hanging out with my friends Sonia Leong, Paul Duffield and Kate Brown along with other fab comickers at the Birmingham BC event on August 27th. That should be good fun and I hope to have some copies of Vampire Academy to sell at the show. Fingers crossed! ^_^

And in between all of this, I better get some work done! '^_^
It's nice to be back, guys *hug*