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Convention season

Edinburgh book festival was AMAZING.
Had such a great time and caught up with so many people; probably too many to list, but special shout out to dinner and drink friends Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, Chrissy Williams, Jamie McKelvie, Paul Gravett, Bryan and Mary Talbot, John McShane, Nina Douglas, James Wills, Emma Hayley, Clara Benn and Sarah McIntyre. *phew* I also met some new faces, heroes, and put faces to names I've followed online...including fab peoples like Lauren Beukes, Inaki Miranda, Hannah Berry, Mitch Benn, Stephen Collins, Francesca Simon, Joe Gordon, Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman.
Amazing weekend, great atmosphere, so much energy and a real sense of togetherness. Thanks so much to the festival for making me feel looked after and at home. ^_^
So - what's next? I'm going to make a list in the site's sidebar, as I should have done ages ago. But next week is Melksham comic con, and the week after is NICEcon in Bedford, so it's all go!
Quick reminder that Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss the graphic novel is out on December 31st and that between now and then I'll be posting up the odd snippets of how the pages are looking with Caravan Studio's amazing colours on them. Check my FB page and tumblr for more. Squeee!