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Bristol and Dragon Heir and Eagles, oh my!

Woo - this weekend was the Bristol Comic Expo. I was going along without a table, more to relax and enjoy the show - and enjoy it I did! I had a great time with great friends and some new faces too. I can't begin to list everyone I spoke to, but you know who you are and you're all fab! *hug* Missed some of my regular buds who weren't in attendence, but I got to talk to some creators I've always meant to, so it balanced out. ^_^

When I got back I found out that the Eagle Award nominations are up for this year, and Dragon Heir has been nominated for Favourite British Black and White comic book!!!!! ZOMG! There are some great creators nominated and I'm chuffed to be up there with them. If you're a Dragon Heir reader who wants to help it become an award winner, the link for voting is here! Click and get involved with choosing your comic heroes, whether Dragon Heir or otherwise. I'm thrilled; thank you to those who nominated Dragon Heir to get it to this stage!
And talking of Dragon Heir - I suppose we should throw up episode 33, eh? :)