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Phew - checking in. Bristol/CNI/MCM - oh, my!

Oh LORDY! What a manic couple of weeks. I've barely had a moment at my desk and now I have just a few days before I head to Derry's 2D festival...somewhere around here are a pile of comics I should be drawing. '^_^ And I know I missed uploading Dragon Heir yesterday too - I'm so sorry! It's on its way today, folks.
So - last weekend was Bristol Comic Expo, where I had a lot of fun chilling with fabulous friends and fellow creators. I also hosted a panel on Podcasting, which was really good fun and informative for me, since I don't know a whole lot about the inner workings of that side of the industry.
Also at Bristol, Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider caught up with me for a chat about work, which you can find here amongst other interviews from the show:
I should warn you, I've not listened to either just yet - so I can't guarantee that I don't make a total tit of myself, haha. XD

And then, this weekend just gone was of course the London MCM Expo. This event always wipes me out, but what an event it was - and the ComicVillage couldn't have made me prouder to be a part of it. Thanks to EVERYONE who made the show so very special!

Right - best crank up the comic-making equiptment while I can!