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Vampire Academy Twitter avatars

In honour of the advance copies of the graphic novel having been posted out yesterday (and do check out Richelle's blog post for details), I decided to make a set of Vampire Academy twitter avatars! Please feel free to use and abuse these...spread the love! ^_^

The banner above will take you to an avatar gallery page here on the site. If the images appear blown up when you reach the page, fear not. Just click on one and you should see them all displayed at their correct 72x72 twitter size. Make your selection and right click save-as. ^_^


A bit of a round up...

Long overdue, and post-MCM is the perfect chance for a round up! I'm still pretty exhausted after this weekend's MCM Expo, but I had such a great time and came back with a stash of great comics! Huge aplogies to anyone who saw me on the Sunday...lack of sleep had made me into some kind of zombie and so I probably said all sorts of weird things, haha.
So, what is there to highlight from the show for me? SO MUCH!
First up, a huge thank you to Anna, Matt, Dave and Pud for being awesome ComicVillage organisers. You guys were fantastic! *hug*

So - the weekend for me: Just before the show, an interview I did for the wonderful ideastap site went live. Follow the banner above to see that.
When I arrived at the excel on the Friday, I made the most of the meet and greet atmosphere by making my way around the comicvillage and buying a ton of independent press comics, whose quality once again astounds me! A few creator highlights: Adam Cadwell, John Allison, Jim Round, Jade Sarson, N.Gingerboom.......oh so many; too many! You were all amazing! I also was lucky enough to get a copy of the 4th Elephantmen hard back...oh, those books are so, so shiny and awe inspiring. Richard Starkings is a star! As always, I would have liked to talk to so many more people, but the show is insane - in a good way ^_~

Click the banner above to see BleedingCool's lovely response to one of my favourite parts of the Saturday! Following the amazing Futurama crew (which was more than a little humbling, especially when I got to meet the fabulous Phil lamarr!) Myself, Leah Moore, Kit Buss of Windflower and Darren Garret of Littleloud got up on stage alongside the lovely Johnathon from HatTrick to promote the upcoming Thrill Electric. Channel 4 commissioner, Jo Twist, was also there and it was so nice to finally meet her in person! Thanks so much to everyone who came along to the panel, we had a great time. We even got to see a shiny trailer for the project...at least, the audience did. Sadly, from our spot on the stage, we couldn't see the screen, haha! I hear it will be placed online soon, so will link when it is.At the Sweatdrop booth I was of course selling Dragon Heir: Reborn, and have to say a massive thank you to everyone who came by to say hello, make nice comments or pick up the book *hug* It was so fun getting to sit with my Sweatdrop homies again after so many expo's of running around like mad!
On the Saturday evening, I got to enjoy a now-regular special expo treat: A meal with My hubby, Anna Petterson and the charming and wonderful Warren Ellis, who I so rarely get to catch up with. I always love this little moment of calm amongst the madness of the event and never seem to get a chance to see Warren outside of it these days!
Sunday was a blur for me, but I know that underneath my zombie-like exterior, I had an awesome time. And Artists won the Artists Vs Writers battle! FINALLY! Well done to Leigh Gallagher, Adam Cadwell, Joe List, Becky Cloonan and Gary Erskine for finally getting one over on the writers team, haha ^_^
In non-Expo news, the new, shiny ImagineFX issue is out this month that features my Dragon Age piece in the Q&A along with the usual incredible level of art and education we can expect from the magazine!
So - what's next up for me? I'm back into grind mode, working on Frostbite and needing to dive back into Avalon as soon as I can too! I'm also looking forward to the Launchpad comics conference on the 18th June, where I'll be offering a talk on my work and on paths into the industry for anyone serious about working in this wonderful comics industry of ours. Hope to see some of you there!

This is Emma signing out. ^_^


London MCM Expo this weekend ^_^

Hey, guys! I'm getting all hyped about the expo coming up this weekend; hope to see some of you there. I'll be there all weekend at the Sweatdrop stand in the ComicVillage. I'll be offering sketches, commissions and of course Dragon Heir, alongside my studio buddies and many other awesome comickers! ^_^

On the Saturday you can find me on the main stage along with Leah Moore, Kit Buss of WindFlowerStudios and Darren Garrett of LittleLoud Studio as we talk about the upcoming Thrill Electric project.

And on Sunday, I'll be on the comics stage with the fabulous Becky Cloonan, Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen as we discuss and answer questions on paths into the industry and how you can get creating yourself! ^_^

I'm also looking forward to the Artists Vs Writers showdown...maybe this time, artists. Maybe THIS time!


Bristol comic con

Popping in very quickly to shout out that I shall be at Bristol comic con this weekend, yay! I'll be sharing a table with the delectable Kate Brown and Paul Duffield and we'll be on table number 140 in the mercure holland hotel. It's going to be a lot of fun!
I'm typing this on the move, so apologies for the lack of linkage! Do come and say hello^_^


Arcane Vault announce limited edition laser cel 

It was a nice surprise to see this announced yesterday, hot on the heels of the USAToday preview! Arcane Vault, official merchandisers for Vampire Academy, have shown a preview of the first in a line of  pretty funky Lase Cels I'm creating. These are going to be limited edition and feature artwork made exclusively for the cels. I've seen the products made for other titles, and they are very awesome! The first print is one that all RoseXDimitri fans should enjoy ^_~
Click the banner for the laser cel announcement.

Working on long contracts like this can be very isolating at times, but seeing announcements finally making their way out into the world makes the months of hard work totally worth it!


Vampire Academy exclusive on USA Today

Rather excitingly, USA Today have published an exclusive preview of the graphic novel along with an interview with myself and the fabulous Richelle Mead. Apologies for the low quality banner image, haha, but click through to see the first six pages of the book and read a little about the process.


Pinups galore

I will always consider myself a comicker first and an artist second. I just love creating pages and telling stories. But every now and then I'll need to do a standalone image, and this week has been all about the pinups. ^_^ Firstly, a cover for one of the episodes of Thrill Electric - the exciting new digital comic series I mentioned a while ago. Produced by Hat Trick and channel 4, written by Leah Moore and John Reppion, and drawn by Windflower Studio, it's going to be a very cool series indeed! Oh, and I was the designer, so it's been really amazing watching my character designs and colour suggestions being taken forward and put into comic form; very cool. For those interested, there's a step-by-step for the pre-colours part of my cover behind the banner. To see the full, coloured image, you'll need to check out issue 2 of the comic when it's out. ^_^
And the second pinup? Well, Vampire Academy fans may like it ^_~ Hopefully we'll be able to show at least a snippet of it soon. I know you guys have been amazingly patient for a long time!


Genre For Japan - custom charity sketch

If you follow my twitter you may already have seen this, but I am offering up a custom sketch of the winner's choosing to the highest bidder! My pencil is at your mercy, haha! '^_^
All proceeds from the Genre for Japan project will go towards aid efforts in Japan, where they are much needed. My lot is just one item up for grabs in this pretty amazing charity auction, so head over and take a look.
(banner this post is from an image appearing in an ImagineFX Q&A soon)