I'm a UK-based comic artist and writer. This is my corner of the web and you are very welcome. Please take a look around, pull up a beanbag, have a cuppa ^_^
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London MCM Expo

Oh yes! The time is here - just about! This Friday I'll be off down to London Docklands to set up for the London MCM Expo Always a fun event and I'm sure this one will be no different. This time be on the lookout for the Tokyopop RSOM UK launch (with special guest - president of Tokyopop!!), and also a panel on the Sunday which will draw together artists and writers from both manga and western comics in the UK. I hope to see you there!! ^_^

Bristol Comic Expo - A pretty good weekend!

This is a shoutout to anyone I met at the Bristol comic expo. It was a funky weekend, though very busy!! I hope that those of you who attended the panels or workshops that I was on with Tokyopop and Sweatdrop enjoyed them as much as we did! I met some fantastic people over the weekend and the panels were some of the most enjoyable to date! Fast around the corner then is the LONDON MCM EXPO! (www.londonexpo.com). I'm looking forward to the event loads! Much more emphasis on manga and anime and this time we'll be pulling in some highly talented western artists from the industry too! So, Bristol has come and gone and was much enjoyed....London is next on the calender - and it's gonna be a biggie! ems^_^

Bristol Comic Expo

I'm off to the Expo! Should be good fun and I hope to meet up with a few faces old and new. I'll be on the Sweatdrop, Tokyopop and Metro media stands like the butterfly that I am....so hope to catch you there if you're going!

Additions made to the resume page.

I've been a little slow to update the resume page - apologies! I have now added a few bits to get it all up to date and current. Go take a look! ^_^

Still working hard + Appearances

I've just added a new lineart piece to the personal gallery....I seem so rarely to be able to work on something personal these days! Here she is! In other news: I will be appearing at several events in the next month or so. Huzzah! Most are privately arranged, but the following are free for all, so do come along and say hi! ^_^ Bristol Comic Expo - 13th-14th May I shall be appearing with both Sweatdrop and Tokyopop at the event. London MCM Expo - 27th-28th May Again, both Sweatdrop and Tokyopop will be there and so will I ^_~

Another new image added to the professional gallery. ^_^

Sorry for the recent inactivity on this site. I'm actually manically busy beneath the surface.....I'm not slacking, honest!! Anyways, a new image has been added which should be visible soon.

New image added to the professional gallery ^_^

And that's all folks. Go see! ^_^


I finally got round to adding some well-needed bits to the site! There is now a pretty links page (check it out for some fantastically talented artists) and I've added a couple of extra bangles and bells to the main page. Recent resume has also been updated to include some hitherto unmentioned projects and images too! Not bad for someone who's useless at technology! ^_~