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Nute image added to the Dragon Heir gallery 

It's been a lovely day! My fiance and I finally got some time in the new house and so now, the studio room is looking a lot more homely. ^_^ Anyways, a new image added to the Dragon Heir gallery - would you believe it?? I am very keen to get back to Dragon Heir once Hamlet is done and Nute appears in the next issue....so I thought she deserved an image.


Well, this weekend was spent in leicester in the company of some 1300 anime and manga fans....which is always good! I was in a weird mood all weekend, so I apologise profusely to anyone I seemed a little 'off' with - totally unintended!! It was great to see some familiar faces amongst the hoardes of fresh young blood. hehe. Today I have finalised the first 100 pages of Hamlet! ooooooooooooh! >_<

Another new image in the personal gallery!

*shock* Emma? Having time to make standalone images? Surely not! but yes - he is there.....catboy a go-go! Head to the personal gallery to see the full image!

I've been offline for a while - but I'm back!

With an image too - check out the personal gallery. I so rarely get to do standalone work these days so it felt nice! Check out the personal gallery for the full image! I've been offline because I moved house, but I've been beavering away on Hamlet as always! It's coming along. Glad to be back on the net!

I Seem to be everywhere right now....scary!

I've been contacted for a couple of interviews recently and they seem to have hit the net at the same time! ;^_^ Love Manga has run a feature on myself and Sonia Leong regarding our shakespeare manga projects! And we got the chance to big up sweatdrop too, so yay!! ^_^ [the smoke] also ran a feature - this one mainly on me, but I slipped in some UK scene/sweatdrop/shakespeare references too! Huge thanks to both writers for supporting the UK scene! You rock!!! ^_^

Returning from Ireland + the smoke!

Well, Tomo-dachi proved to be a great experience. Though small, its attendance was a joyful one - everyone was lovely!! It was also great to meet Tiffany Grant and Matthew Greenfield. Both of whom were lovely and an inspiration! Thanks to the organisers for doing such a great job. ^_^ As to the second part of this entry: CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW!!! Hurray! Fame at last! ^_~ I was contacted by Ross from the smoke a little while ago and am over the moon to now see it in it's internet glory! Do please have a read. Check out the rest of the site while you're there - it makes an interesting read! So - back to the grindstone for me....and I'm moving house too...eeek! Ems^_^

Ireland here I come!

Tomo-dachi con has arrived! Myself and Sonia Leong are off tomorrow to the emerald isle as guests at the event. Should you be heading along, I'll see you there! ^_^

Border's write up

I really enjoyed mine and Sonia's event at the Borders in Cambridge! Both of us agreed it was one of the most enjoyable events we've done....and we've got a few under our belts now ^_~ It was a great bunch who turned up and the whole thing just flew by. Thank you to everyone who came for making it special. And HUGE thanks to Amanda, one of the people who came along, for this wonderful write-up!! http://amandah-p.blogspot.com/2006/06/manga-magic.html You're a star and very, very welcome! Seeing a report like that just makes me feel so thankful for my position!! Being able to inspire new artists is an honour and a half!