I'm a UK-based comic artist and writer. This is my corner of the web and you are very welcome. Please take a look around, pull up a beanbag, have a cuppa ^_^
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Recent lack of images - sorry!

Apologies for the lack of image updates recently. Despite having finally finished up Hamlet (yays - check out www.selfmadehero.com for details on both it and Romeo + Juliet), I am currently juggling three projects. >_< Can't complain really! So, the bad news is I haven't anything that I can upload just now. The good news is that I should have very soon. One of the projects is calling for a lot of pure lineart, so expect some new coloured and lineart images at some point in the near future! ^_^ IMAF tomorrow! See you there if you're going. Ciao for now!

Back from London, for a week at least!

Yesterday was Letraset's Manga day at the London Graphics centre. It was great to see so many enthusiastic faces old and new in the workshops! Now I get a whole four days before I'm back in London for IMAF, Count Hall. ^_^ All in all i'm pretty exhausted - but it's great seeing people enthused and ready to draw by the end of a workshop - so it's all worth it. Right - Now to spend some much needed time on current commissions!

London MCM Expo time again!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy finishing off a few projects as well as getting ready for the London Expo this weekend! As always, it should be a fantastic weekend and I'll be there, running around like a headless chicken. Have fun anyone who's going! ^_^

Norwich tonight!

Anyone into manga who's in the Norwich area, be sure to head along to Ottakars for the Tokyopop Manga evening tonight! Myself and Sonia Leong will be there, and it should be lots of fun. ^_^

I'm in the Japanese news!! 0_o

Scary but true! I wonder what they'll make of us! I'm going to be cheeky and steal the news item I created for Sweatdrop to post here: ------------------------------ Sweatdrop artists make it into the Japanese News! Two Sweatdrop members (Sonia Leong and Emma Vieceli) have been featured this week in the Japanese newspaper, the Japan Times. The article looks at the Manga Shakespeare books that both artists are currently working on. The graphic novels, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, will be published by publishers Metro Media early next year under the label 'Self Made Hero'. Thankfully, there is also a copy of the article online thanks to the english Japanese news site, Mainichi: Read the article here! Once again we can all take comfort in the fact that this is a good time to be a comic artist in the UK! ^_^ ---------------------------------- So there we go! This is a turning point for UK manga, and I'm so proud to be a part of it! It seems a small thing in many ways, but for the Japanese papers to print stories about UK artists making manga - it shows a deal of acceptance that we maybe didn't see before. Then again, they could just be laughing at us! ^_~ Either way, it's all good! ^_^

Link page has been updated!

It needed doing! Though it took a while, I'm proud to present the new links page. Browse to your heart's content through some beautiful and informative sites. ^_^ I have also added the London MCM Expo link to the sidebar! I'll be there along with Sweatdrop in October. Hope to see you there!

Nute image added to the Dragon Heir gallery 

It's been a lovely day! My fiance and I finally got some time in the new house and so now, the studio room is looking a lot more homely. ^_^ Anyways, a new image added to the Dragon Heir gallery - would you believe it?? I am very keen to get back to Dragon Heir once Hamlet is done and Nute appears in the next issue....so I thought she deserved an image.


Well, this weekend was spent in leicester in the company of some 1300 anime and manga fans....which is always good! I was in a weird mood all weekend, so I apologise profusely to anyone I seemed a little 'off' with - totally unintended!! It was great to see some familiar faces amongst the hoardes of fresh young blood. hehe. Today I have finalised the first 100 pages of Hamlet! ooooooooooooh! >_<