I'm a UK-based comic artist and writer. This is my corner of the web and you are very welcome. Please take a look around, pull up a beanbag, have a cuppa ^_^
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Galleries are back!

Dock has figured out a new approach to the galleries and so I have shiny new folders in the artwork tab now! It's a little different and I'm having to basically start from scratch with uploading images, so be patient with me ^_^ They'll slowly start populating over the next few weeks, but the slideshows are already up and running for what's in there. I've added a comic art folder as well so that I can keep sequential art seperately. Ooh - it allows me to attach thumbnails right here as well! What a fun new toy I have. Enjoy! ^_^ dapper irish2 Wings letsdraw1 Shoujo Hamlet pg. 189 Elves

Busy month ahoy!

Hello all! I'm running in and out of here to let you know of a few events over the next month where you will find me skuttling around! Bristol Comic Expo 12th/13th May <---Catch me at the Sweatdrop stand or signing Hamlet at the SelfMadeHero stand in the manga area. Guerilla Zoo 19th May <---A funky little bohemian stylee exhibition in Elephant and Castle, London. Catch myself and fellow Uk manga ka Paul Duffield there. London MCM Expo 26th/27th May<---Oh yes, it's back again! Don't miss out on the UK's largest movies, comics and media event! I'll be there ^_^ Apologies for the continuing downtime of the galleries...we are attempting to regain normality, but Deviantart is there in the meantime.

Galleries are down

Apologies for the current lack of images on my artwork section. A temporary glitch I'm hoping. As a temporary measure, I've linked to my DeviantART account from the artwork page.

BBC radio Cambridgeshire interview 

Sonia (Leong) and I got to attack poor Jez from BBC radio cambridge with our manga enthusiasm (mania) on the breakfast show last week. Kindly, the BBC sent along a copy of the interview. I hate listening back to live recordings...hehe....I hear myself say such idiotic things! the poor presenter doesn't get a word in edgeways '^_^ CLICK for the interview (.wma format) I think I've been spamming my main page with enough publicity related posts ^_^' I'll be adding more to the resume page....but I think the site looks prettier if I keep most publicity in there and not on the blog...so if you feel a desperate urge to see more hamlet articles (why not, eh? hehe), please do check the resume page. ^_^

Overdue update

Apologies for the delay. All has been manic in Emma-land; not to mention I've been unable to type much or draw recently due to injury *sob* However, life goes on - and the Manga Shakespeare publicity train certainly does! Despite being house-ridden last week, I was not to get lonely, as I had a lovely crew from TV Tokyo join me one day for a chat about manga in the UK and what i've been up to! It was an honour to be able to chat with them and I look forward to seeing the result (though I fear how stupid I may have looked! ;_;) Myself and Sonia also caught up again with BBC radio Cambs regarding the UK's fastest growing obsession. ^_^ So, I am keeping busy where I can, with the limitations of my poor right arm. All well-wishing is gooood and much-appreciated! Take care all!

New image added to the personal gallery

The whole image can be found here. It's something I've been working on today and I wanted to make a wallpaper with what I have so far ^_^ Enjoy!

The Guardian reviews Hamlet 

A review of Hamlet can be found HERE. It feels odd to see my work reviewed in such an esteemed newspaper!

Book launch success!

What a wonderful evening was had in London last night to celebrate the launch of the Manga Shakespeare books as well as the Self Made Hero ident. A full set of photos can be found here, but I also added a few to the events section. Happy!! See how happy i was! hehe Huge thanks to everyone who made the evening so wonderful!