I'm a UK-based comic artist and writer. This is my corner of the web and you are very welcome. Please take a look around, pull up a beanbag, have a cuppa ^_^
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Dylan Dog ^_^

It's known to several of my friends that I ADORE the Bonelli comic series, Dylan Dog. In fact, long before manga got a look in, the works of the Italian artists on the DD project were enthralling me. It's a series that has seen many different artists, from the wonderful to the downright ugly, but the writing is always fabulous and Dylan's character deserves so much more recognition in the world of comics beyond Italy's borders. Sadly the comic's only foray into english was a rather annoying 6 book Dark Horse deal where Dylan's manservant and friend Groucho (Marx) was changed into Felix and had his tash removed - negating so much of the series' humour >_< Anyways, I'm always on about more recognition and yet have never actively done very much, so I joined a fanlisting! haha - at least I get to spread the link around and maybe just a few people will get curious? There's so little on that site ;_; So little in general....even work by my favourite artist, Giovanni Freghieri is so hard to find!! >_<

Image added to the personal gallery

Something a bit fun....and risque. Oooer ^_~ The morning after

Back for 2 weeks - get the workshop wagon rollin' ^_^

I'm back in the country for a whole 2 weeks before Japan! And lookie, just managine to squeeze in an event. ^_~ ------- DATE: 24th June VENUE: Blackwell's, 142-143 Friar Street, Reading, RG11 1EX TEL: 0118 959 5559 http://bookshop.blackwell.co.uk/jsp/bobuk_editorial/services/shops/SHOP64.jsp There's a Tokyopop RECON event taking place this Sunday at the Blackwell/s bookstore in Reading. Late morning will have all the fun stuff with Tokyopop goodies and quiz, and in the early afternoon, Sonia Leong and I will be running some Manga workshops. Tickets are £10

Off to Italy! ^_^

I'm away to Italy for a glorious week of (hopefully) chilling and searching out wedding venues - not to mention my birthday celebration. I do of course have some work to take with me, but I'm looking forward to a change of scenery in a major way! See you all when I return. ^_^ Flight

Something completely different

From Destiny Talk Radio's Press Release: ------------ Also in a special crossover with Sci Fi Guy, Stuarts new UK TV Venture, Anime Network (see www.animenetwork.co.uk for more), Stuart will be revealing, with proof, a hidden talent of his co-presenter Emma Vieceli!! (Trust me this is one you wont want to miss) The fun begins this Wednesday (6th June) from 8pm on www.dtrn.co.uk !! ------------- So, my hidden talent being revealed? I'm scared! haha ^_^ If you're a sci-fi fan or looking for another reason to embarass me, check out Stu's show. Art-wise, I made a new pic! woot. Just for fun this one ^_^ Blind Warrior

In the AM....

Gah, why is it that local radio only ever wants to do interviews for the breakfast show? 0_o Last time, Sonia and myself dragged our coffee-infused bodies into the BBC radio cambridgeshire studio and blabbled at the presenter for a while about manga. This time, it's me alone *sob* and the subject is anime instead.. Anime Network pimpage, BBC radio cambridgeshire at about 8:45am. If any of you are awake at that time in the morning, allow me to invade your ears with my early morning babble. ^_^ Don't say I didn't warn you!

Sweatdrop fanart piece added to the personal gallery + Anime Network ^_^

Amazingly, I did some art today. hehe. Actually, I did quite a lot of comicking, but annoyingly can't let it see the light of day just yet. So, instead, I offer up a piece of overdue fanart of two Sweatdrop characters: Saryth, from Morag Lewis's 'Looking for the Sun' and Toshio, from Laura Watton's 'Biomecha'. It was fun to create - hope you like it. ^_^ Sweatdrop Fanart In other news, you can now check out the promo piece that I was filming last week for the UK Anime Network slot HERE! Enjoy and here's to the future of anime in the UK!

Hectic days...

Busy few days *yawn* Spent a surreal yet fun couple of days up at Propeller TV studios in Immingham filming the links for ADV's upcoming Anime Network slot. The crew are lovely and my hotel room had a jacuzzi! Oh yeah, baby! It was crazy and tiring, but we got through it and filmed everything that we needed to - huzzah! I was relieved at how quickly I got back in the swing of being in front of the camera (it's been five years since ITV!), but as always, I kind of dread having to ever view it back... Next up, and myself and Paul Duffield are currently exhibiting in a London art studio, but we're so rock and roll that we're not attending the event in person. (read that as 'we are so tired and exhausted and caught on deadline', but hey - i prefer the term rock and roll) If you're heading to Guerrilla Zoo, I think you're in for a good night! Got to the set up and met a few nice people. It's a fab venue and I wish we'd had the energy and travel arrangements to stay and see the night, but such is life. Hope it's a great night and well done to James for organising the whole event! Oh, talking of events, there's a nice and chilled out interview with me to be found HERE. It was recorded at the Bristol comic expo for area 51 radio. Worth a listen ^_^ So - the next point in my diary is friday for the set up of London MCM Expo. It's all go....and somewhere in there I need to get some pages done! protectsepia Something's rotten in the state of Denmark remy Hamlet pg.154 She