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A couple of new images in the personal gallery

I've been doing some wind down images at night recently...after spending all day doing stuff that no one can see it's nice to refresh with something on-the-spot and spontaneous ^_^ This is one of the results! Check the personal gallery to see the other. pop art model

SFX Total Anime + Anime Network 

Back home from our uber-anime-network shoot...four days - I'm exhausted ;_; Pretty amazing to get it all done, and I'm very pleased with some of it, but sadly, tiredness is the overall feeling right now. haha. BUT, I did come back to find the SFX anime special (Total anime) on my doormat, featuring a couple of articles that I illustrated - my magical girl illustration even made it onto the cover! - Which made me happy ^_^ There is also a four page article in there, written by Lesley Smith, all about Anime Network - which is awesome. Though some of the photos...er...scare me. haha. Do check out the magazine despite them though. hehehe ^_~ ** I have added some scans to the resume/publicity page, just scroll down past the projects ** So - I think I need to curl up for a bit....or work..one of the two. 0_o futuremagicalgirlprint Balthier KK blind warrior desktop letsdraw1

Off for a week's filming ^_^

No sooner am I home than I'm away again - but this is hopefully my last week away from home for this year - though I have a few days and weekends coming up. I'm looking forward to trying to settle back into a routine and getting on with some serious comicking work. w00t. ^_^ So, a full week of Anime Network filming ahead. It's going to be very hard work, but hopefully we'll bag all of the episodes we need! Plus, my lovely fiance is coming with me this time; it's going to be lovely having him around. yays! See you all when I get back! LIz The morning after Elves Grapevine pg.4 Wings

I'm home from Italy!

Back home again. I have an Anime Network shoot next week, but in the few days before that I'll be keeping very busy. Character designs for Las Chicas and Lucy are nearly done....so hopefully we'll be diving into pages in only a short time. Huzzah! The new Sweatdrop podcast was released while I was away - the RSOM special! Presented by Sonia Leong, Morag Lewis, Selina Dean and myself - it's well worth a listen if you fancy a laugh and some rising stars tips. **Check it out out here!** So - it's nice to be home...for a few days..haha. *makes tea* fairyclean Rasta dh5.11 excercise naruto satire

Anime Network photos added to the events section

Some of you may know that I co-present Propeller TV's Anime Network slot with Stuart Claw (sky 195, sat and sun 8-10pm *wink*)... Well, I finally got round to adding some photos of one of our shoots to the Events and photos page. Mostly me looking a little bit silly! haha. Just head to the page and scroll past events. Enjoy ^_^ Bill + Ted's adventure crypto6 She irish1 brown

New image added to the professional gallery

I've been doing a little work for Future Publishing recently, including this offering: futuremagicalgirlprint It was really fun to draw....I love a lot of magical girl manga, but parodying it is also fun ^_~ Flight fairyclean KK Sweatdrop Fanart Astrid - Suburban Glamour

The Shakespeare publicity train still rolls!

As school terms start, I suppose it's only natural that Shakespeare and the methods of teaching his works to the youth of today are bound to come back under the spotlight. Happily, the first analysis of the recent surge of Comic-book Shakespeare (including SelfMadeHero's Manga Shakespeare) to hit the nationals that I've seen is this positive article of Roger Lewis, found in the Sunday Express. ^_^ He discusses some of the pros and cons to the medium, but overall agrees that this is an approach designed to spark some enthusiasm for the Bard in teachers as well as pupils in schools. Unfortunately the small segment on Manga Shakespeare confuses things a little, stating that my Hamlet is set in modern day Japan along with Sonia's Romeo + Juliet, and - alas - neither book features Samurai as such...but still - a wonderfully positive article that I hope will encourage both teachers and pupils too look forward to, rather than to dread, their Shakespeare studies this term! Click Laurence for the full story. ^_^ Hamlet pg. 189 Hamlet pg.154 Something's rotten in the state of DenmarkHamlet pg27 Hamlet pg17

Announcement ^_^

Though I may have come accross as a jobless bum in recent times, I can now officially announce that I'm signed up to work on two graphic novels with Spacedog Entertainment in LA. The two, unrelated books ('Las Chicas' and 'Lucy') will be published through Tokyopop. ^_^ I'm very excited and happy to be working with Spacedog - they're all awesome. I'm even being allowed to stick my oar in on the stories at times, which is lovely of them and the writers! It will be a little while before any of the work surfaces of course, but it's all very exciting. ^_^ So now I have an excuse for not updating my image page. hahah. Baby Astrid - Suburban Glamour Sweatdrop Fanart leo1 Music 1