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Breaking radio silence...

Gosh, I've been remiss in updating here. But here are a few updates :)
The CBLDF Liberty Annual 2014 is out from Image; and features a fun story by Robin Furth (writer), myself (artist), Lee Loughridge (colours) and Kristyn Feretti (letters).
I was one of eight (sort of humbling) guests at the Lakes International Comic Festival to create a set of gorgeous giclee prints. They're limited edition and, if you want one, click the banner and get your order in :)
Scorpia is nearing its final phase of production! It's looking fab and Walker have said they'll be able to release the cover soon ^_^
As well as the Lakes Festival, I have two late additions to my schedule this winter: I'll be at the London MCM comic con just for the Saturday - find me and BREAKS in the comic village! And I'll be attending Thought Bubble in Leeds! Yay! I didn't think I'd make it and am so happy that I can!


Red Sonja variant covers

Click the banner to see DYNAMITE'S Red Sonja issue 15 cover info, including two variant covers from me! One in black and white, and one in colour. ^_^
And while I'm here, thank you GLASGOW COMIC CON! You were superb. Lovely, lovely people. And next up, I'm in Sheffield on Friday for the Excelsior Awards, and then off to YALC on Saturday. See you there? ^_^



Details are on my tumblr, but the lowdown:

You can choose to commission me in a regaular way, or sign up as a patron on my patreon campaign and receive a free 'thank you' sketch commission. ^_^


New e-shop!

Yes, I have finally joined the 21st century. While you can of course order most of my work through bookshops and online generally, I wanted a spot to sell my more personal work, including the brand new BREAKS prologue, orders of which will be shipping out around May 22nd. But get your order in to reserve a copy!


April 27th Q&A at Gosh Comics

Do you have a burning question about Vampire Academy? BREAKS? Alex Rider? Avalon? Or are you just generally up for the idea of having a chat in the funky surroundings of Gosh Comics in London? If so, why not head along and join me in a Q&A with Panel Borders' Alex Fitch, as part of Sci Fi London. Click the banner for details. ^_^


What's new, pussycat?

Hullo, all! First up, I've been powering ahead on Alex Rider: Scorpia inks since my meeting with Walker a couple of weeks ago.
I can't wait to see how things look once Kate works her colour magic. Click the banner to be taken to the tumblr workblog for the book.
BREAKS is still churning along too. We're up to page 12 on the web edition now (do click through to take a read). We're also waiting on news of the printed prologue; a mini comic that will collect the first 22 pages of the comic - very exciting!
Last up: a reminder that you can now become a patron of my work for as little as $1 a month. If you like my work and would like to maybe see more BREAKS updates and content than what's currently on offer, then support my work and help make it happen. Each and every donation means so much. ^_^


WACOM hangout tonight

Tonight I'll be hanging out on google with Wacom; talking BREAKS, answering questions and doing a bit of livedrawing on Manga Studio ex5. I hope you can come along. ^_^


Scorpia inks are GO!

Here we go! And if you're interested in following the process of the whole team, click the image to be taken to the Alex Rider graphic novel blog. ^_^