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A very happy festive season to you all

As the working year draws to an end (for some lucky people, haha) I wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful festive season. Eat lots of wonderful food and enjoy the company of those closest to you.

Meanwhile, I'll be working to get shiny things ready for you next year! As I write this entry I am just four pages away from finishing the pencils for Vampire Academy book 1, which is jolly exciting. What a nice Christmas present to myself finishing those will be!

Much love to you and yours,

Emma ^_^


Dragons, vampires, Leeds and haircare

hey, all! this weekend coming is the fabulous Thought Bubble comic convention, always a show I look forward to! I'll be there with a table, pimping my shiny Dragon Heir books and also sitting in on a couple of panels. I hope to see you there ^_^

I can taste the end on Avalon book one, woot! Loving the story SO much. And Vampire Academy continues to be a delight to draw. I had no idea I'd love drawing Christian so much, he's really fun to draw because his expressions are just wonderful. ^_^

In random, other art-related news: A few months ago I did a commission for Lee Stafford's hairdressing company, where I got to draw comic-styled artwork for a line of special boxsets. Well, these boxsets are now available in Boots everywhere, and they're SHINY! If you're in a Boots and see the Christmas gifts section, why not take a look? And I can vouch for the product too. OMG I never thought I'd get addicted to shampoo! haha ;) You can see all three sets by following the link.


Apologies for the silence...

Boo! Bet you forgot I was here, right? Sorry about that, guys. I'm so busy at the moment, it's just crayzeee. London MCM Expo came and went, and man - it was a great one! It was also my last time organising the ComicVillage. I'm so proud of what that area has grown into and what we've achieved...so much so that it's about time I got to come along as a creator ^_^ So I'm passing the reins over to Matt Sheret and Anna Petterson - who are made of much win.

So, work-wise, things are going okay. Vampire Academy is over half way on pencils, and almost up to page 40 on inks, and Avalon Chronicles book 1 is 2/3 complete! I also have a third project starting soon that I can't wait to say more about. that one's not such a big job for me, as I need to focus on my book work, but it'll be lots of fun.

I can't wait to be able to share some art with you from the current projects...between the pair of them, this is a lot of characters just waiting to come and say hi, haha. It's late and I need to stop work for the night. Looks like some of the Avalon cast are off to bed too...night!

Keep sending me good work vibes, guys - it's a busy, busy time!


Dragon Heir: Reborn is now available to buy online!

The eyes have the prize! Click on the banner to be taken to the Sweatdrop shop entry.You can now purchase the shiny, shiny book online via the Sweatdrop store! For direct copies, you can either mail me, or come along to shows like the MCM Expo, London, where I'll be selling the book at the Sweatdrop stand. If you pick up a copy, whether online or in person, you have my heartfelt thanks and sincere hopes that you enjoy your purchase! ^_^


Dragon Heir: Reborn has arrived in print!

Well, I'm an excited creator today, despite the horrid headcold that's causing my nose to immitate a leaky tap. I've not even had a chance yet to write up the amazing experiences I had at Electric Picnic in Ireland and, more recently, Paris Manga in France - where I made many new friends and really had a wonderful time. But this particular bit of blogging just cannot wait, so I hauled myself out of my sick bed to let you know.
Dragon Heir: Reborn has arrived! While working for publishers is fantastic, there's always something very special about producing your own, independent book...and this one has a lot of meaning for me. ^_^ You'll note especially the GOLD SPINE TEXT!!! OMG GOLD! *jumps around*.

As you can see, I'm pretty excited! The book literally just arrived, but shall very soon find its way onto the Sweatdrop online store and amazon, for easy purchase. I can also offer out direct copies if people don't mind using paypal and waiting on me to get my arse in gear and post stuff ^_~

The official launch will be at the MCM Expo in October, where we'll have copies on sale at Sweatrop. I want to take a chance again to thank all of you who have read the online version and the old issues, you guys are amazing and motivated me to make this beast. Thank you. *hug* I sincerely hope you'll enjoy seeing the compiled story so far in this volume as much as I did!
More news when I have it ^_^
Now, back to bed and Vampire Academy pencilling :)



Tomorrow morning, my beloved and I travel by Eurostar to Paris for Paris Manga - which looks like it will be a blast. I've never been to Paris before, so am rather looking forward to it - much as my rushed attempts at learning some of the language have stressed me out to no end, haha.

I may see some of you there, take care of England while I'm gone!
A plus tard!


News from the web....

Hey all! Sorry for the quietness in Emma-land recently. I'm back into head-down mode on my current projects, so - though I'll be surfacing from time to time, you will get a lot of radio silence for me for a little while, I'm afraid.

Coming up this weekend is the amazing Electric Picnic event - where the Leviathan stage schedule has now been released. The Big Comics Chat will take place at 17:30 on Saturday evening. John Byrne will be hosting the fun as Pat Mills, Steve Bell, Dr Mel Gibson, Phil Barrett and myself talk comics and beyond!

Also in news this week, you can check out my Manga Studio User Story at Smith Micro's official site. I love Manga Studio with a passion - so was very happy to do the piece for them. ^_^

Right - back to work for me!


Electric Picnic - Ireland!

I am going to be at this amazing-looking event, talking about COMICS, can you believe?!
And, not only that, but I'm in the company of some pretty awe-inspiring people! I can't wait - hope to see some familiar faces there ^_^
Details on my fellow speakers, incuding the legendary Pat Mills, can be found on my LJ here.