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My life in fantasy ^_^

Okay, so two fantasy-related bigs things finished yesterday. One was the first book in the Avalon Chronicles series I'm doing for Oni Press! WOOOOOT. All pages submitted and I await the script for the second book eagerly, as Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir are bloody amazing. ^_^ Sadly, the book won't be out for a little while, so rather than post an image for that just now (we'll have to all sit on our anticipation, haha), I'll post an image of the other fantasy related adventure I finished last night:

That there is my digital boyfriend, Anders, from Dragon Age 2, haha XD He's a...bit of a handful.
I adore bioware games. Dragon Age 1 is still tearing at my heart strings (Oh, Alistair). Much as those of you who follow me on twitter will know I joke about the love stories in these games, I don't want to do an injustice to the actual stories - which are just superb. Bioware write amazing, epic characters and worlds and I love them for it. Roll on the next Dragon Age game!
(EDIT hehe, couldn't help myself...Anders fanart!)


Arcane Vault provide the goods ^_^

I've been really slow to post this, but a little while ago I was lucky enough to get a box of goodies from Arcane Vault, the merchandisers for Vampire Academy. I was absolutely thrilled! So, as I type, I'm wearing a VA T-shirt and a St Vladimir's hoodie (it has fleece lined pockets), and I'm drinking from my St Vladimir's water flask and of course the coffee mug. My bag is jingling with a few awesome keyrings...I'm basically living it up as a student of St Vladimir's Academy right now. The merchandise is really lovely quality and makes me smile a lot! Thank you, Arcane Vault!
The reason I'm in touch with the guys may just be connected to some shiny, art-related products that we'll let you know about when we can...stay tuned! ^__^


Updating on stuffage ^_^

Soooooo....what's been going on in Emma-land? LOTS! I swear I'm getting worse at updating, sorry! '^_^I'm going to break this down into sections I think, far easier:

1. Vampire Academy: As you all know, book one is in the bag from my end. And I've now seen the colours too  - so amazing!! I cannot wait for you to see it. The colourists have done a lovely job :) I now excitedly await the script for Frostbite! Release for book 1 is still looking to be August this year.

2. Avalon Chronicles: Book 1 is going to be done in the next week from my end, and the script for book 2 is imminent. I can't tell you how awesome Nunzio and Christina are, so I can't wait to read what they've done with our crazy brainstorming sessions! Release of the first book is looking to be a little later than planned due to marketing; we want to make sure the readers don't have to wait too long for the next book after #1 is out...so we're looking at March 2012. ^_^

3. Thrill Electric: I've been seeing some of windflower studio's work and, boy, this project is going to look beautiful, you guys!

4. The PHOENIX!!! Some of you will recall the amazing DFC weekly comic that was sadly cut short when the recession hit the UK. Well, a couple of days ago I went along to a DFC alumni party where it was announced to much celebration that next year will see the launch of the Phoenix comic. It's got a plan, it's got funding, and it's going to be amazing. Run by the DFC's Ben Sharpe and Will Fickling; this is going to be very exciting. No creators are contracted yet as it's still very early days, but you can bet you'll see some DFC favourites in there. I hope I get a chance to do something ^_^

5. Dragon Heir: Reborn in review: I've been overjoyed at the responses to Dragon Heir so far. And, since the first Diamond shipment hit shops, I'm getting reports of sightings all over the place, not to mention a couple of wonderful reviews from the lovely Forbidden Planet International and Nottingham's fantastic Page45 shop! Thanks, you guys! *hugs* If you've read the book, do let me know your thoughts!! x

6. Events: Upcoming events I'll be attending include - Bristol Comic Expo, London MCM Expo and the all-new and exciting Comic Launchpad event (a great looking new event with a really creative focus)



Vampire Academy inks have been submitted!

It is with a happy, happy heart that I can inform you: Today I submitted the last of the 144 pages of lineart that make up the first graphic novel! It's always a super exciting feeling to reach the end of a project, especially one as exciting as Vampire Academy. Now my lineart will be sent to our wonderful colourists so that they can work their magic and transform the pages from plain lines to full colour! After that, the editing team will add the text and bubbles, as adapted by Leigh Dragoon from Richelle Mead's original book, and then - finally - the book will be ready for print. It's lovely to feel part of such a great team.

I can also confirm that I won't have too much time off from Rose, Lissa, Dimitri and the rest...as we will indeed be moving onto Frostbite very soon! I'll be using the time I have before the new script arrives from Leigh to finish up book one of the Avalon Chronicles for Oni Press....so I won't be slacking off, haha.

Join me in a celebratory cry 'HERE'S TO ST VLADIMIR'S!' ^__^


The cat's out of the bag on project number 3!

So - you already know about the Avalon Chronices - the fantasy series I'm working on for Oni Press, and you already know about Vampire Academy - the amazing series by Richelle Mead being adapted for Penguin books....well, yesterday we were given the okay to talk about the third project that's taking up my time right now!

A little while ago now, I was approached by Hat Trick (the people behind such fab shows as Have I got news for you and Who's line is it anyway) about a project being written by Leah Moore and John Reppion; two talented writers who I am happy to call friends, and with whom I have always hoped to get a chance to work. The project, I was told, was for channel 4...some form of online comic that would be set in Victorian Manchester.  My brain flipped. Leah and John, channel 4, Victorian dresses? Lovely. In light of my current schedule, we opted to have me do the design work for the series and search for a group of artists who could work in my style on the project itself. Enter Windflower Studio; a fresh-out-of-uni, talented and enthusiastic bunch of artists whose work and attitude has impressed me since I and Sonia Leong first stumbled upon them in a portfolio session years ago. Channel 4 were convinced and we had our team for THRILL ELECTRIC. I'll be posting up some sneak peeks of individual characters over coming weeks; what you see here gives an idea of the cast and how much work has already been done! Who interests you? For more info, do head to Leah and John's blog! ^_^



So...work goes on. It's getting tricky to say anything more than that these days, haha. But I can show you a wind down image I did last night around midnight. One of a series of them I've been trying to do recently before bed. They all end up being Vampire Academy related, so that proves how much I'm enjoying working on the book, hehe. The idea is to create something fun and simple just to wind down after working on spreads. I rather liked this one ;)
In other news, FPI gave Telling Tales - the latest Sweatdrop anthology - a lovely review. Telling Tales is just one of the Sweatdrop titles now available to order through Diamond; including my Dragon Heir: Reborn and Sonia Leong's Once Upon a Time amongst others.



Dragon Heir: Reborn available to order through Diamond

My personal project, Dragon Heir (published by Sweatdrop studios) features in January's edition of Previews magazine! @mondocomico on twitter informs me that it's on page 310. (Previews product code for DH:R is "JAN111316") This is very exciting news as it means that the book can now be ordered from all good book shops, comic shops and such. So, if you've been keen to get hold of a copy but weren't sure about ordering online, this is your time!

Sweatdrop members are of course independent creators. What that means is that it's just little old me and my book. Being picked up by Diamond as an independent creator is a huge honour, but getting stock to retailers is the harder step. Spreading the word and ordering copies is something that everyone can help with. Help out an indie creator and demand that your local bookshops order in copies of Dragon Heir, because reading epic stories filled with pretty people, swords and angst is everyone's right! ^_^

I love yoooo!


Vampire Academy and Avalon in the galleries

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Despite plans falling through, we had a great time with friends. A few days of bliss. But now, it's back to work! I'm back on ink duty for Vampire Academy, having finished up the pencils. I'm nearly half way through on inks and have even seen some of  the colours back from our colourist now. This book's a real team effort! I'm so unused to seeing my work coloured by someone else still, haha, so it's an exciting experience all round. I can't wait for you guys to see it ^_^

I've added the cover design that Penguin put together to the character gallery, so you can at least see that, woot!

I've also put in the promo artwork I created for Avalon Chronicles: Once in a Blue Moon. I don't have much at all to do now on book one of my Oni series, written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, but we're still planning relelase schedules, so it's on a slight backburner until Vampire Academy is wound up. I can't wait to see Avalon out there though; it'll be worth the wait!