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Arcane Vault announce limited edition laser cel 

It was a nice surprise to see this announced yesterday, hot on the heels of the USAToday preview! Arcane Vault, official merchandisers for Vampire Academy, have shown a preview of the first in a line of  pretty funky Lase Cels I'm creating. These are going to be limited edition and feature artwork made exclusively for the cels. I've seen the products made for other titles, and they are very awesome! The first print is one that all RoseXDimitri fans should enjoy ^_~
Click the banner for the laser cel announcement.

Working on long contracts like this can be very isolating at times, but seeing announcements finally making their way out into the world makes the months of hard work totally worth it!

Reader Comments (2)

Your Dragon Age fanfic on dA is amazing. You should really write more and focus on producing something of your own, like a novel or a short story. It's pretty obvious you're good and you can do it!
Btw, no, you're not the only one mistaking hair brushing on arms for spiders. *shivers*
April 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterElyza
Hi Elyza, thanks so much - that means a lot to hear, haha ^_^ The fanfic really is pure fun right now, though it's reminding me of how much I miss writing prose. I do write sometimes these days, but it's obviously comic form...
It's certainly food for thought though. I'd love to do more writing in the future that I can call my own!
thanks again ^_^
And gah, spiders....*shiver*
April 27, 2011 | Registered CommenterEmma Vieceli
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