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Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #21

The Spiratu train rolls on...soon we'll actually hit the end of Dragon Heir:Reborn and will head back into the original issue 6, as it was first printed a few years ago - I can't believe how fast 5 issues have flown by! I hope you've been enjoying the journey. ^_^ I'll be continuing to run the webcomic version of the later issues in their original form, but am already turning my thoughts to printing the new collected volume #1, so do keep an eye out and let me know if you'll be interested in it. For now, as always, click the banner to read the chapter.

Outside of Dragon Heir: I've started work on my Oni Press project and can't wait to tell you all more about it. I'm working on content for issue 2 of Bella Nolita, the fab vampire-themed gothic French Magazine. I have a new contract on the way that I seriously can't wait to talk about, and I am of course giddy with excitement about seeing Marvel Girl Comics #3 when it hits the stands. I'm looking forward to reading #1, which will be out very soon!

This is going to be a busy year, methinks. How are you doing? ^_^

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