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NYCC - all over.

NYCC - there is SO much I could say...seriously. I had an amazing time. 'Got to catch up with people I've been talking to online for ages but have never met; caught up with people I'd seen before but not nearly enough; enjoyed karaoke with a fantastic bunch of people from Yen press and Wirepop - you guys RAWK!; Chilled with 'mah homeys' from the UK comic scene.... Oh, it was magical. And somewhere in there, I also had a few nice meetings. So many amazing people! To all of you I got to see: *HUGS* It was fantastic! Some of you I pretty much only had a chance to hug or wave at - we need more time next event! haha. But putting faces to online personas is always wonderful. To those I didn't get to see - where were you? haha. Next time, next time! Sleepy time.....

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