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Limited Edition Print collection coming soon...

So, I have four new prints coming out for this year's MCM Expo (through sweatdrop) and Thought Bubble events, and one of them is this stylish devil: (click the banner to see the full print) ^_~

This is a preview print that you can pick up at those shows, sold at standard price, for the limited edition set I'll be bringing out soon. My plan is to release each character in the ichats series separately as a larger print, which look kind of funky on their own, but when the four come together in a display, lovely things happen! You can organise them how you like, the way I've done it in this preview print is just how I would want to set them up. It's perfect for people deciding on which of the larger prints they'd want, or for people who may not go in for limited editions and just want the images in a nice compact form.

I'll be taking starting orders for the limited editions at MCM and Thought Bubble, before offering the deal online. I know people have asked me before about whether I would offer this sort of thing, so herrree I go! I hope you guys like them and want to give them a good home! They're very talkative and make for good company ^_^