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Mangaka.co.uk - Artist of the month

Mangaka.co.uk is a relatively new branch of the German website and is a wonderful resource for aspiring creators. Well worth a look for fans and comickers alike, and this month - I have extra reason to pimp it....as I'm their artist of the month ^_^ Click the banner to be taken through the to front page. From there, should you want to, you can read my interview and check out my art tip.

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Hello Emma,
i' not sure you can read this message, any way, i'm amazed by your style, i cannot stop loking at your work, i just want you to know i'm a fan!
seeing that i live in italy is there a way to purchase some of your published work?
i'm totally in love with your style and i really would like to read and enjoy the beauty you are able to give life on a piece of sheet!
hope i do not bother you
with ammiration

January 16, 2009 | Unregistered Commentererika
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