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Home again

This time my travels took me to the Leeds Thought Bubble event. Oh man, what an awesome weekend. I spent Friday night at Jamie McKelvie's crib in London. We ate nice pizza, home-made cake, and prepared for the day ahead. Sadly the next day started pretty badly - but we now both agree that it makes for a great story, haha. Basically me being unfit and having legs that are too short; Jamie being too speedy and underestimating just how shit my sense of direction is XD. When I tell people not to leave me on my own - I mean it. BUAHAHAH. But somehow, we made it onto the train. Kieron Gillen didn't. :p So - not the best start to the day, but the glory of thought bubble soon cast a blanket over that. I haven't really heard a bad word about the show. We all had a smashing time and I miss everyone badly. I took part in two panels: Women in Comics and Manga influence. Both went really well and got a good response. Just in general there was a whole sense of unity at the con. We were all geeks together and it felt fabulous! I'm a bit rubbish at con reports, but yes - had to at least rave about what a good time I had. I saw familiar faces and met a few fantastic new ones. *hugs* to everyone! Now, back to work.

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