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If you're celebrating, make it a great one. Thank you for a wonderful year, and here's to a creatively exciting 2019! xx


It's one of Emma's totally rare blog updates! ^_^

Because, yes, announcements have happened and I can start talking about some fun stuff - weeee! As ever, click the banners for more info. I'm actually mixing up my comicking a bit this year because I'll be donning my pure writing hat as well, but let's start with:
OLIVIA TWIST: I'm on art duties for this one, with colours by Lee Loughridge, and getting to work with the incredible Karen Berger as my editor!
LIFE IS STRANGE: I'm writing the official comic for this truly magnificent series and I can't quite believe it still! The news broke at SDCC and the response has been heartwarming and wonderful. ^_^ The banner here is from the cover by amazing interior artist, Claudia Leonardi. I'm excited to be writing for her!
2000AD: Back to art, and I recently drew and Anderson story for the summer special, written by Maura McHugh, colours by Barbara Nosenzo.
BREAKS: No update is complete without a reminder that Malin Ryden and my angst-filled mystery love story is still continuing ^_^
?????: and finally...a mystery! Still to be announced, all i can tell you about this mystery image right now is that I'm on art duty and it's not a comic! oho! The colours you see here were by Dylan Teague. More on this soon :)
And that's it for now! Please do follow me on twitter (@emmavieceli) or at my facebook page for more regular updates, if you want 'em. Otherwise, see you back here in about six months? ;)


Juggling like a juggler ^_^

It's been a time of flux over this new year just gone, and there's a good reason I've not been able to update this workblog for a while: I've just not been able to talk about anything I'm working on 0_O Always a little frusrating, but it's nice to take the time to beaver away quietly.
So -what CAN I say? well, BREAKS is still weaving its way. We're half way through arc two online now (tapas edition linked here) and still going strong!
I got to take part in the amazing Xmas special for The Wicked + The Divine, drawing two stories, both coloured by the amazing Matt Wilson. *swoon*
Beyond that, I've done some cover work (like this Ghostbusters one for IDW, coloured by Luis Antonio Delgado), and then been mostly a comics ninja; lying in wait XD
I hate not being able to share work, but I'm juggling three jobs right now, on top of BREAKS, with more on the way and there's just never enough time in comics, eh? Hopefully I'll have a more useful update soon!


Well, that's a little embarrassing '^_^

I finally left my site for so long that it gave up and shut down, haha! If there was ever a good prompt to make a post, eh? Here we go ^_^
So - After my last post, featuring Jem, Supergirl and Doctor Who as three of my lifetime exciting things to be working on, I followed them up by returning to IDW for a 6 part series on Back to the Future!
Coloured by Jose Luis Rio and written by John Barber and Bob Gale, this was such a treat to work on and the trade paperback has just been released! (click the banners above)
Rocked like so many by the tragic news of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, I was eager to contribute to the Love is Love benefit anthology (above). Written by my Avalon cohorts, Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir, and coloured by the wonderful Christina Strain.
And, of course - maybe the most exciting news in a way is that Soaring Penguin agreed to publish the print edition of BREAKS, mine and Malin Ryden's creator-owned comic-baby!
Available for pre-order on the publisher's site now, we are so excited to get this baby out into the world of printed comics! And Christina Strain is so awesome she even coloured our cover! x ^_^


A couple of updates from me: I've started work on my chapters of the Adventures of Supergirl for DC. You can see writer Sterling Gates chat about the series here - he's pretty awesome, as is the whole team, and I feel incredibly chuffed to be on board!

Mine and George Mann's Eighth Doctor series for Titan reached its conclusion. We were over the moon at the response, and watch this space for the potential return of the Doctor and Josie! And watch out for the trade, out in May!
I had a huge amount of fun working on Jem for IDW, and the Viral arc will be released in trade form in April - don't miss it as it's a fantastic mix of artists as well as Kelly and my three-issue setup for DARK JEM

BREAKS continues toward the end of arc one...and Malin and I are well into scripting arc two. If you've not read the comic before, you have two years worth of uploads to catch up with! ^_^


Two years of webcomic from Malin Ryden and me - with love to you.


The day has come! It's been a bit of a wait, but Alex Rider: Scorpia is out this Thursday 4th. Adapted by Antony Johnston, drawn by me, coloured by Nathan Ashworth and Kate Brown. Released from Walker books. ^_^ The banner will take you to amazon's listing.

Festive wishes to you and yours ^_^

And a happy new year! ^_^